Seek vengeance as the Primest Evil! As a powerful undead magician resurrected after their betrayal by their army of minions, reclaim what’s yours or die trying – again and again.

No one knows from whence they came, but when the magician known as the Prime Evil rose to power, none were prepared to resist.  The Prime Evil, with the help of four powerful lieutenants and an army of monsters at their back, ruled over an empire of nations and dimensions from the pan-dimensional complex known as the Inverse Tower.  Now a wave of evil  has spread throughout the land, and darkness fell!

But even a master of evil is not invulnerable, especially from themselves.  And on the day of the Prime Evil’s ascendancy – also their birthday – their abominable treatment of their own minions came to bite them in the end.  Murdered at their very own birthday/ascendancy celebration (attendance mandatory) the Prime Evil seemed to be consigned to history.

Evil never dies, however, and neither would the Prime.  Having long ago mastered the secrets of necromancy, the once-living magician rises from a secret tomb as a lich!  Undying and clothed with magical power, the Prime Evil now seeks to regain their stolen power, punish the disloyal, and lay waste to whatever empire their traitorous lieutenants have cobbled together in their wake, no matter how many times they must rise from the grave to do it.

Forget the Prime Evil, become the Prime-est Evil!  Why do things halfway?

Saturday Morning Extravaganza – Experience cel-shaded visuals created by veterans of the computer games industry (and flesh blood alike) that bring the world to life.

No Two Playthroughs Alike – The Inverse Tower is an ever-changing structure, and though the worlds from which its floors are drawn have a definite flavor, procedural construction methods ensure that each visit will be different.

Arsenal Of Sorcery – Found in storage rooms, on fallen enemies, or purchased from one of the many monstrous vending machines in the Inverse Tower, players wield a wide variety of procedurally-generated magical items to bring down the lightning (or poison, or fire, or…) upon their foes.

A Tale of Comic Revenge – Follow along a darkly comedic story that unfolds a different way depending on what areas you encounter.

Better With Friends – Up to four players can band together in cooperative play across several game modes.