Grumpy Witch: The Return Of The Girl Who Never Really Left!

We know you’ve been wondering what’s happening with your favorite scowly purple-haired witch. Wonder no more!

Emilia is alive and well and looking better than ever!

When we put out our first demo, we got a lot of feedback. We listened to you and discussed amongst ourselves. The people who fell in love with Emilia and the world of Galice wanted more, and we agreed. We’ve spent the time in between working hard on ways to improve everything: the gameplay, the art, and, perhaps most importantly, the way we built the game itself.

We know you’re going to be impressed with the changes we’ve made. Requests like controller support and more interesting platforming in the first level have been in the works for a while, and we’re finally ready to show off the results of our work.

There’s no denying that times have been tough. Anyone who’s worked on a game or even watched development knows how tiny setbacks can lead to huge delays. But we’re pushing new life into Grumpy Witch, and we know you’ll be impressed with the results! Pictures are coming EXTREMELY SOON. Like, today.

We’re preparing a shiny new demo for you. We’re also getting ready for a new Kickstarter so that we can fund the development of Grumpy Witch. You’ll be seeing a lot more activity here, not to mention on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We have a lot of plans, and we know you’ll be as excited about them as we are!

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