Introductions: Samantha Smith, Community Liaison

Samantha Smith, Community Outreach

Hey there! It’s Samantha, your friendly neighborhood Community Liaison and general worker bee. I’m going to be introducing you to our whole team as we push forward, but I’m the one who posts stuff, so I get to start by talking about ME.

I got started in the video game industry at NCSoft, organizing the first closed beta tests and training the other GMs. Later on I worked support at Blizzard, but at both places I did more than just reset passwords: I learned a lot about fixing problems and clear communication. My big dream, like everyone else, was to be a game designer. I pushed some of that effort into the Ultima 5: Lazarus project, one of the fan remakes that actually got finished!

I’ll go into more depth later on about what it means to be a generalist in an indie studio, but outside of talking to you, my very favorite people, I do a little of everything. I write, I do 3D art, I smash bugs… wherever I can use my skillset to help things along, I’m sure to be there.

In my spare (?) time, I spend time at the Vigilante Gastropub on Monday nights playing D&D with a bunch of other geeks like me. I also love performing with The Baron’s Men, a historic theater company here in Austin. That’s right: I live in one of the gamer heavens! If I left my apartment more often, I might even be able to appreciate it.

I did pretty well in school: I have a degree in English and a masters in Historic Preservation. That’s how I got my leet 3D art skills; well, that and a lot of practicing. I’m ALSO taking a course in Android development with the help of a scholarship from Google. This means I spend a lot of time happily showing people simple little apps and layouts I’ve done for class. Someday, maybe I’ll get to use these skills for Pixel Constructor!

Later on I’ll post a picture of my workspace. Today, I’m posting pictures of my cats, because chances are they’re begging for my attention in the background of everything I do.


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