Introducing Katie Henry, Technical Artist!


Katie Henry, technical artist for Grumpy Witch here! I spend most of my days in my cave with my laptop working on animation rigs and coordinating between the artists and programmers.

Besides Grumpy Witch I actually tutor kids after school and volunteer at a local anime con, but recently most of my days have been spent pleasantly curled up bringing one of the Grumpy Witch Goblins to life!

It’s a pretty sweet set up I gotta say; I get to sit in my room with some netflix in the background poking at our animation and art software. I can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes… I think I’ve lost count of the time’s I’ve declared “It’s dinner time! I’m gonna take a break!” And then 2 hours later realize I immediately sat back down at my laptop, the empty plate the only proof I ever left… oops. Although, sometimes my roommate’s dog decides its break time for me, immediately demanding puppy cuddle time by nearly pushing my computer out of my lap.

Of course, that’s assuming I’m home. Since I travel to my students homes when I tutor I’m out and about quite a bit- I even have a designated ‘Travel Lapdesk’!

My literal cave, the comfiest of workspaces.

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