Better Off Tread is a nonstop arena combat game in which teams of players square off against each other using a collection of unusual – and often comical – armored vehicles.  Colorful and full of action, Better Off Tread trades in yet more brown military combat for a whole lot of BOOM. Up to twelve players can split into teams to blast the treads off their opponents in a variety of exotic locales. A common formula, to be sure, but Better Off Tread remembers to put the ‘fun’ in ‘conflagration’. Some of you may notice that there is no ‘fun’ in ‘conflagration’. You’re right—that’s why we’re putting it there.

Other tank fighting games allow tanks to blow each other up, sure, but Better Off Tread goes a big step further.

  • Customizable Tanks: Let’s be real—don’t you wish you could drive a tank wearing a giant top hat and mustache? How about mud flaps and a trucker hat? Better Off Tread comes with a wide variety of customizations, with more available in add-on packs.
  • All Tanks Not Created Equal: From the sturdy Kamrad to the futuristic floating Future Boy, every model of tank is a little different. From glass cannons to slow mighty behemoths, there’s a tank for every playstyle.
  • Scenic Vistas Of Destruction: Take a trip to Battletown! Delve into the secrets of the Undertread! Face your foes in the Temple of Boom! Travel to fascinating places, meet interesting tanks, and blow them to smithereens!
  • Traps For The Unwary: Did you think a place with a name like Battletown was going to be safe even without a crowd of enemy tanks? Pits and falling rocks are just the beginning of the traps you’ll encounter in Better Off Tread. Most can even be triggered by other players, giving everyone a jolly laugh as you get pitched across the map.
  • Rest For The Wicked: Blasted so hard your treads are coming unthreaded? Pitched across the map? Don’t worry: every map is filled with power-ups to save your neck or help you blast your foes.


From swift to stalwart, the tank models available in Better Off Tread are built to fit individual playstyle. Simply put: what they gain in armor they lose in speed. The list below ranks the tanks roughly from sturdiest and slowest to lightly-armored but fastest.

  • Grampa: The earliest model, Grampa is sturdy as a brick wall but in no hurry to get anywhere. The kids may run faster, but when the day comes, Grampa will still be standing. Or rolling.
  • T.R.A.K.: Updated in the 1970s, T.R.A.K. has all the charm of that era. Not much stops T.R.A.K.! Those severe, boxy lines are back in fashion, not least because of how well they stand up to explosions.
  • Kamrad: From the old Soviet design specs comes a sturdy, no-frills model. Can stand up to more than the status quo, even if it takes a little longer to reach the finish line.
  • Tankpir!: Inexplicable.
  • Slim: Slim puts up a little extra air resistance because of that tall turret, but it means that this little number can shoot over barriers other tanks can’t reach.
  • Mr. Dome: Possibly the friendliest-looking tank in the arena. Engineered by fans of the Lil’ Brutus who want that extra inch of armor plating.
  • Lil’ Brutus: The industry standard and everyone’s first tank. Lil’ Brutus wants to be your friend.
  • Future Boy: Future Boy came back in time to save us all. Lightweight and quick, Future Boy nevertheless can’t stand up to quite as much as the others. Still, the ground effects are pretty spectacular.


There are many arenas in Better Off Tread, and many more are coming. At launch, the following will be available:

  • Temple of Boom: An ancient temple, lined with sarcophagi, peaceful waterfalls, and vicious traps.  Areas within the temple include the Courtyard and the Burial Chamber.
  • Battletown: A downtown stage that was on fire before you got here and will be even more on fire by the time you leave. Almost everything here can explode, from the Residences to Downtown.
  • Ignition Islands: Magnificent floating rocky islands with bridges in between.  From the close quarters of the Wind Shrine to the broad vistas of The Great Field, the floating terrain could prove as treacherous as the other teams!
  • Undertread: THE FLOOR IS LAVA. What more need be said? Complex bridges and ramps lead around a level where navigation is tricky but the potential for strategy is immense.  Stages like The Rotisserie and the Lav-O-Rama make play here a very dangerous sport indeed.
  • Combat Matrix: Inspired by an ancient battle map, this computerized world is as lethal as it is simple, elegant, and beautiful.  The Training Zone, Random Access Mayhem (RAM) and others provide fitting arenas for digital destruction of all sorts.