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Grumpy Witch - Promo Image 1Welcome to Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge, a high-flying magical adventure of the most sarcastic sort!

You’ll take on the role of Emilia Sorelda vam Quis, a young witch with a lot of power – that is, until she is stripped of her magic by Fonelle, a mysterious sorceress, and marooned on a floating island in a new and unfamiliar land. From there, Emilia will embark on a quest not just to regain her stolen hat, the source of all her magic, but to wreak revenge upon the powers that have conspired to imprison her.

She will explore the seven magical realms of Galice, battle legions of monsters, and claim the magical hats of the High Witches that rule over them in order to batter down the gates of Fonelle’s celestial palace.

It’s a tall order, to be sure… but full of intelligence, spirit, and righteous anger, Emilia is up to the task!

Grumpy Witch Game Features

  • Classic side-scrolling gameplay: Run, jump, fly, and fight your way through Emilia’s magical adventure.
  • A huge world with many secret areas: Explore seven unique realms filled with enemies, items, and hidden paths.
  • Multiple endings determined by moral choices: Beware – how you decide to deal with Emilia’s friends and enemies will have lasting consequences.
  • Customizable protagonist: Build your own Emilia from an array of body types and outfits.
  • Colorful hand-drawn graphics: Characters, items, and backgrounds drawn the old-fashioned way and animated with love.
  • Comical enemies and plot: Who said revenge couldn’t be funny? Follow Emilia as she grumps her way through battles with grammar-challenged goblins, self-important bards, muscle wizards, and other spell-slinging oddballs.
  • Full voice acting: A fully voiced saga featuring talents from popular podcasts and online series.

Grumpy Witch - A World of Irritation


In Grumpy Witch, you’ll encounter a number of magical realms, each one pulled from a different part of the universe and fused to one another by sorcerous means. From the floating Isle of Misery to the flame-blasted plains of Carus and the ghostly garden-lands of long dead Remilia, there’ll be a wide variety of monsters and NPCs for you to meet along the way. You will explore these realms both on foot and in the air; by broom or by bootheels, each level is expansive and will require no small amount of exploration before all its secrets are revealed.



Though each kingdom will have a route mapped out leading to the fortress of each High Witch, the course won’t be entirely linear – each realm of Galice is riddled with hidden chambers, optional levels, and magical treasures. Players can choose to follow the main narrative alone, but more adventurous souls will discover a battery of secrets that will allow them to carry the fight to the enemy in new and hilariously terrifying ways.

The progression of the story is also determined on many choices that Emilia will be presented with along the way. Your choices will be vital in determining just what kind of a witch Emilia will turn out to be by the end of her adventure, and therefore the true ending of her tale is entirely up to you. Be careful! Your choices may turn Emilia into a true heroine, or no better than Fonelle in the end.

Punish Them In Style - Grumpy Witch

No need to go into battle in plain dress, either! In Grumpy Witch, dressing up is part of the fun – and it can sometimes bring hidden benefits. Many different outfits are waiting to be discovered or purchased from Barbinus, the fat monster who’s taken up residence in Emilia’s cookstove and who dispenses hints and items when properly bribed. From Emilia’s rose-trimmed dress to motorcycle leathers and whimsical crystal ballgowns, anything goes. You may have to plumb the deepest reaches of Galice to find the clothes you want, but at least you’ll blow up the enemy in style!


Grumpy Witch - Emilia Costume Concepts


Would you like to swing on a star? In Grumpy Witch, you aren’t constrained to a simple witches’ broom! Scattered across Galice are many alternatives to the ol’ stick and bristle: floating cats and gluttonous birds, giant teacups, and even a saddled comet, all of which have their own benefits and styles of flight. Some secret areas can only be accessed with certain mounts, making exploration that much more rewarding.

Emilia’s weaponry is just as varied. Starting with the Spark Wand and Frying Pan, you’ll quickly build a formidable arsenal along the road to Fonelle’s celestial palace. The Gale Wand, Philosopher’s Hammer and Fairy Sceptre are just a few of the weapons that Emilia can wield as she wreaks havoc across the land.

Any Which Way You Want - Grumpy Witch

The universe of Grumpy Witch is unlimited in its variations – and so is Emilia herself. Use the Witch Engine to craft your unique Witchsona, choosing from a range of body types, colors, and accessories to create the perfect protagonist for your journey. Play it any which (or is that witch?) way you want!

Grumpy Witch Character Selection

The universe of Grumpy Witch is full of possibilities – and so is Emilia herself. With cosmetic customization, you can build your very own sassy sorceress and blaze a path! We’ll be targeting a broad range of body types, colors, and accessories for the game’s release, giving every player the tools to craft a unique Witchsona.