Pixel Constructor is an independent developer dedicated to crafting fun and inclusive gaming experiences. Our team comes from many different backgrounds, but we’re all brought together by the same thing: a love of gaming.



Michael Shean — President & CEO

Science fiction, horror and fantasy author Michael Shean hails from the hills of southern West Virginia, where he began his professional career as a software developer and graphic artist.  Now he writes novels and creates video games, mostly because he consumes enough coffee on a daily basis to power a small IT firm all on his own.  One day he shall explode, and the Eastern seaboard will be devastated.  Until then, uh… games!



Mike Lyons — Lead Designer

They say his mother was a sandstorm and his father was a heatwave. They say he stands nine feet tall, and has orange hair. They say he devours entire worlds for breakfast. He’d like to know who these ‘they’ people are, and why they keep spreading lies about him. In reality, Mike Lyons is from Atlanta, previously Los Angeles, where he has worked in many facets of the game design industry for over a decade. He has been world building since long before that, a skill that has stood him in good stead as a novelist and editor, jobs he performs in what he laughingly calls his ‘free time’.

Brian Gilmore — Designer

A refugee from the mysterious megalopolis known in myth as “Silicon Valley”, Brian Gilmore is a veteran game designer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He now lives in Oregon with his wife and young daughter on his family’s ancestral lands. In his spare time he works on home brewing experiments and trashy science fiction novels.

Christian Williames — Technical Designer



Kaitlynn Peavler — Lead Artist

From deep within the forests of suburban New Hampshire, Kaitlynn Peavler has ventured forth with tablet pen in hand, setting out into the world. Through the trials and quests along the way, she has become a hard-working professional artist, drawing for the good people of the internet. Send your monsters, villains and dragons, and they will be slain drawn!

Kylie DiOrio — Artist

Kylie DiOrio is an experienced hand in outfit and character design, having contributed to products like Gaia Online in addition to working as a general freelancer. An animal lover, she has three birds, Jasmine, Jenny and Angel, along with two dogs, Old-Man Bandit and a puppy named Spirit. Kylie also enjoys watching a variety of cartoons and anime and playing Pokémon.

Kristen Bailey — Artist

Froglancer Artist. Attack, 1. Def, 20. Resistance towards fire magic. When not encountered in random battles, this creature enjoys traveling, participating in conventions and art shows, general freelancing, designing and prototyping physical merch, and spending all her money on comics. She also thinks you guys are neat, and will most likely invite you to her birthday party.

Rachel Fogg — Artist

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, Rachel is a freelance artist who’s part witch, part cat. When not having her soul sucked out of her by reading Attack on Titan or blasting the Guilty Gear XX soundtrack annoyingly loud, she’s hard at working getting her comic done, prepping for conventions, baking, teasing her bear cat Ezio, and losing horribly to her older brother at various video games. Rachel was featured in UDON’s 2015 Capcom Fighting Tribute artbook, and recently had her first successful Kickstarter for her comic print run.

Jeremiah Clark — 3D Artist

Originally from Maine, Jeremiah graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Game Art and Design, and parlayed his knowledge and natural interests into positions as a 3D artist and game producer. He focuses on hard surface models and textures, but is willing to give nearly anything a shot. He’s not particularly good at writing these bios, and so will now dive back into his cave and the warm, comfortable glow of his laptop.

Sarah Banning — Animator

Cockatiel wrangler by day, animator and illustrator by night, Sarah can tell you 50 fun facts about feather structure then talk your ear off about the importance of overlapping action in the same breath! She spends most of her spare time working on her comic “Find Kelley Green”, but isn’t unknown to get her pew pew on once in a while from her tin can, far above the world.

Katherine Henry — Technical Artist

A mythical creature know to some as “that which speaks the tongues of both ink and code”, Katherine Henry is said to be most often sighted under a small pile of electronics somewhere in the mountains of Virginia. Her move set consists of Photoshop Layer-mancy, Unity Headbutt, 3D Dance, and Animation Sensation. However, to learn the last one she forgot Sleep.



Nick Crosgrove— Lead Programmer

The resident grumpy code dragon, Nick can often be found neck deep in the nuts and bolts of the game code or ritualing up a new solution to a complex problem posed by the design team. He is a master of game architecture and Unity, and responsible for maintaining strict order within the code base and project. He has in a past life designed, built, and run various Live-Action games, and at one point before adopting the Eat-Sleep-Code marathon that has become his life he used to enjoy games like Fallout, Final Fantasy, Valkyria Chronicles, and more.

Zach White — Programmer

Accepting coding duties and regularly interjecting into game design, Zach entered the game industry as a quality assurance minion, moved up to technical game design, then laterally to automation. When not bragging about code, Zach enjoys creating creature concept art, attempting guitar covers of game music, perfuming, and being a diva in general. With an affinity for vintage games, his favorite genres include twitchy platformers, JRPGs, and anything sandboxy.



Tim Sheehy — Music & Sound Lead

A creative by trade, Tim Sheehy possesses an extensive background in musical composition and arrangement for games and digital media, with over two decades of experience, including works published in both North America and Japan. When he’s not scoring music, Tim’s busy reading, writing, or sleeping, his body sustained only by the finest coffee and scotch. Oh, and kettle corn. It’s a fun-time snack.



Samantha Smith — Community Outreach

Samantha has been playing computer games since she was five, and she’s old enough for that to be unusual. Some of her greatest accomplishments include “cheating” at old point and click adventure games by opening data files and figuring out from success and failure text what she should be doing. She writes a lot of claptrap, but not USELESS claptrap, including a historically researched essay on why there are no more fairies in the world. They didn’t have game design classes when she went to college, so she took a course in parageography: the study of imaginary places. Her obsessions have ranged from sharks to the chemical processes involved in creating concrete to taking everything apart to figure out how it works.

Martin Sachs — Marketing

For Martin, game development is the latest stop in a career path that’s included renewables, enterprise software, creative consulting for technology start-ups, and a brief (but highly educational) stint as a bookstore manager. He’s happy to be able to call himself a lifelong gamer, though these days he’s frequently juggling his controller time with daddy duties.



Jennifer Williamson — Director, Producer

Jeff Luke — Designer

Lisa Farina — Designer

Rachel Allen — Artist

Ash Haramaki — Artist

Brandon Moulton — Animator

Eric Hughes — Lead Programmer

Benjamin Ferrell — Programmer

Sean Wheeler — Programmer

Nathan Soderland — Writer, Quality Assurance

Michael Priestley — Analyst